Lectio (Reading the text):

This stage is characterised by a deep respect for the text: listening to the text, familiarisation with the text / passage.

Read text slowly, carefully, deliberately.  Read again and again for familiarity with content and language.  Read the text aloud for fuller experience.  Reader is in “observer mode”.

A Observe what is given in Text:

Where did this event happen?
When did this event take place?
Who was involved?
What happened back then?
Become accustomed to the words, images, metaphors. Hear the words.  Feel the words.  Enjoy the words.  Allow the words to sink into consciousness.
Uncover meaning of words (not passage) if required – words in general or particular “biblical words

B  Observe the context:


In the Scriptures: what comes before and after?

In the life of Jesus: infancy; public ministry; or passion, death and resurrection?
Geographical context: Galilee; Jerusalem etc.?
Historical background: Some awareness of history of period and culture can be helpful.
Literary character: Narrative prose, parable dialogue etc.?
Some knowledge of the above can be helpful purposes for meditation – to help recognise God’s presence today.

C Dividing the text for the purposes of Meditation:

When dealing with a long passage it might be helpful to divide up the text into sections as this makes it more accessible for meditation.  Summarising for ourselves what happened in each section will confirm our appreciation of it.

In the context of Lectio community:

It is normally the role of “The Guide” to help others to come to a deeper appreciation of the historical event, encounter, happening contained in the text /passage