• Method of Bible reading
  • Method of Prayer
  • Method of Doing/Experiencing Theology
  • Method of Building Community

The Three Stages of Lectio Divina.

  1. Reading:
  2. Meditation:
  3. Prayer:  -Including Contemplation
  4. Theological Reflection: (Wisdom Moment)

The Three Principles of Lectio Divina

  1. The text itself is sacred
  2. The text always speaks to live experience.
  3. The text is life-giving (Celebration of grace and confession of sin)
  4. Theological Reflection:  (Wisdom Moment)

 Fruits of Lectio Divina                                              

  • Growth in Love (Heart of Jesus)
  • Growth in Wisdom (Mind of Jesus)
  • Growth in Kingdom o
  • f God (Vision of Jesus)
  • Spirituality of Lectio Divina

  • Jesus yesterday, Jesus to day, Jesus forever