Format for Lectio Community Gathering:

N.B The Relevant Passage would already have been introduced (Read together for the first time;  Situated Historically; and Guidelines Offered) at the end of the previous week’s session. (See no.5 below))

The proposed timetable  supposes that a session would last for about 75 minutes.  But this is only a suggestion, as flexibility and adaptation are central to the Lectio way. 


1.      Welcome and Opening Prayer. Reading of Passage.  Reflective music calling on Holy Spirit. (10 Min)

2.  Offering of Meditations and Prayer. (20 Min)   

· Invitation to offer “life-experiences” in which we recognize the passage fulfilled today.

·  Invitation after each offering to pray prayers of  “thanksgiving, repentance or petition” or all three (combining our “own words” with some “biblical words or phrases” from the passage.)

3.     Contemplative moment. (10 min)

·        Journey into deep silence in God’s presence.  Use of    “Sacred Word”” from passage if helpful.

·          Period of Silence.

·          Sing or listen to some appropriate music or hymn to conclude “Moment”


4.     Wisdom moment. (15 min)

·        Discussion on what “new insight” or “understanding” we have received from our journey with passage.

·        Formulation of wisdom statement. Write down if wish.

·        Holding Wisdom Statement in prayer.


5.      Introduction to next week’s passage.  (Approx 15 min.)

·        Read aloud together.

·        Situate the passage historically

·        Offer some guidelines for Meditation

6.     Concluding prayer with veneration of Text. ( 5 min)